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Below you will find Help on just ''How To'' Join our Family of Yahoo! Groups
faq site updated on 04.27.2008

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more information on each group is provided below.

HOW TO JOIN Yahoo! Groups:
A Good Tip - Register with Yahoo! GROUPS first

(!) note that you don't need to re-register if you already have a username and password for any of the other yahoo! services, as it is valid for all Yahoo! areas, including the groups. so, if that's your case, all you have to do is log in. If not, just do as indicated just below the Group Features.

How to Use Group Features:
if you want to use the group's chat room, photo albums, bookmarks and other features; Yahoo! Groups has set these features for Yahoo! Group Members Only, and
The Group's oderators have also set these features for Current Members of Men4Men Only.Which means, it is neccessary to be a Yahoo! Member to use them, so, you should go ahead and register. All features reside within the group's site, and you can't get them by e-mail, so that's why you need a Yahoo! username and password. by registering with yahoo! groups, you'll also be able to change your group preferences, and do things like suspending the delivery of messages, changing e-mail addresses, adding/changing features that you may like to use to post messages, and much more.

  • go to
  • complete the registration process
    • the yahoo! ID will be your username
    • in the alternate e-mail field, provide the e-mail where you were sent the invitation -- that is, the one you use now at globeclubs. don't worry, this can be changed later if you wish
    • fill in the other fields with accurate info, because if you ever need to remember either your username or password, you'll need to provide your birthday (among other things) exactly as entered here, and your birthday cannot be changed later
  • once done with the registration, continue to yahoo! groups
  • click my preferences (top-right corner)
  • click the edit button next to email addresses (top-right corner)
  • click convert next to your e-mail address
  • provide the authorization code that will arrive in your inbox, click the continue button, enter your password, click the continue button once more, you're done
  • now you can go back to your my groups area and edit delivery options as you wish
it may sound much more complicated written than done!

·  I got an invitation to join and I already have a yahoo! groups account · 

just reply to the invitation e-mail and log in to yahoo! groups with your username and password. click my groups and you should see the group you just joined on your list.

if you don't see it, it's because the e-mail address you were sent in the invitation is not yet associated with this account, or might be associated with a different one. if that is the case, you should log in to that account.

if not, just click my preferences and either add this e-mail address to your account or convert it, if it's already there.

·  other ways to join a group, via e-mail or via website · 

via E-MAIL you can always join any group by sending a blank e-mail message to if you want to unsubscribe, send a blank e-mail message to

(!) always keep in mind that it's much easier to control your groups subscriptions when you HAVE a yahoo! groups account. yet, some people prefer to handle everything by e-mail only, joining and leaving groups according to their convenience by sending subscribe and unsubscribe messages back and forth. this can be bothersome, but some people find it easier than remembering a username and a password.

·  via WEBSITE·  you can also join any group by visiting their website and clicking join this group (top-right corner). yahoo! groups always have a URL like

(!) you'll need to log in to join groups via website.

·  Joey's Yahoo! Groups · 

  • LIFE WITH CHRONIC PAIN a group for those that suffer from chronic pain - and, also for the family and friends of those that do.
    living with chronic pain - support
    click here

  • MEN4MEN - a men only group for general discussions, support and personal issues - but NOT a ''cyber-sex'' group
    gender MUST be specified in profile PRIOR to subscribing to men4men �
    men 4 men - men only
    click here

    you can go ahead and JOIN by going to the websites above.

    all the information about how to join provided in this page should be enough, but if you need further assistance, you can contact me, Joey* at email

    frequently asked questions

    (A) yes, you can use HTML at yahoo! groups. but it's up to the group owner to decide if HTML will be allowed or not. if it says "e-mail attachments are permitted" in the group's website (bottom-right corner), it means it's an HTML friendly group.

    (A) that only has an effect on the way you see the sponsor messages.
    • if you check convert plain-text email sent to me to HTML mail, you'll always see an ad banner, even in plain text e-mail.
    • if you check don't change the format of email sent to me, you'll see a text sponsor message whenever plain text e-mail is sent through the group.
    note that you will always see the ad banner in HTML e-mail, regardless of your general settings (my preferences) or individual preferences set for each group you belong to (delivery options).
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