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Lung Cancer - The Latest Chapter

site updated on 03.05.2017

In January of 2015, I was diagnosed with Malignant Lung Cancer

Surviving Lung Cancer
In December of 2014, while hospitalized for a Hernia Repair Surgery at Penn State Medicine in Philly, a mass was found during a CT Scan, in my left lung. At the time, I was told it wasn’t anything “major”. However, once I was discharged, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was more serious. After requesting a copy of that CT Scan, what I read in the Radiology report was infuriating. As I began to read the findings, the word “Carcinoma” was used. This only furthered my alert that is was, in fact, much more serious than I was lead to believe.

So, I began to make calls to my Family Doctor, to the point where he thought I was “blowing things out of proportion”. However, he did send me to a Lung Specialist. Soon thereafter, I had a PET Scan. The PET Scan showed that this “mass” was, in fact, a tumor, and was malignant. I was then directed to see a Lung Surgeon that specialized in Lung Cancer.

After seeing the Surgeon, he scheduled a Biopsy. He did inform me that, if during the biopsy, the results were to show that the Cancer had spread, He’d then have to do further Surgery. Although the biopsy was scheduled for only one hour, the Surgery last just over 8 hours.

When I awoke, I was in the ICU, and was told that about 80% of my left lung had been removed. I was also told that the other areas around the lung had not been affected, which was considered a good sign. After that week in the Hospital, I was finally sent home, not knowing what was ahead of me. Would I receive Chemo? Radiation? My Appointment for those answers was one week later, toward the end of March of 2015.

Much to my surprise, I was told that all of the Cancer had been removed, and I was Cancer-Free. I did not require any other treatment, but would face follow-up appointments every 6 months for the first 2 years. I am currently, just a few weeks shy of my 2-year anniversary, and as well, I’ll learn soon if I am still Cancer-Free, or not.

Having to go through all of this, on top of all of my other health issues, has had a major impact on Me; Psychologically and Physically.

Please note that this is only the beginning of this page. I plan to expand on the story, as well as creating a resource page for Cancer, in all forms.

I was extremely lucky to have had the outcome I do have thus far. Unfortunately, that is not the case for far too many.

I'd also like to expand my Cancer Advocacy for Children. I'll be seeking help and information from several people I know well that have dealt with one very specific type of Cancer that has taken the lives of Children far too young, and far to quickly.

It's well known that in several other Countries that have make tremendous strides into finding and fighting these types of Cancer. I am hopeful in knowing that our former Vice President, Joe Biden, is also devoting most, if not all, of his remaining time, to getting rid of Cancer completely.

I'll also be including whatever information I can find, using ''StandUp to Cancer'', as well as MANY other groups. I will gladly accept ANY suggestions, as well as personal stories from those willing to share their experiences, as I know first hand, just like with RSD/CRPS, too many folks think they are alone, as well as having trouble with Doctors not taking the steps needed TO diagnose and do the required testing to help. In the coming months, I will be adding more information regarding the Lung Cancer I did manage to beat, miraculously.
The worst day of my life, was the day I lost my Mother* to Lymphoma. I now feel that I owe it to Her* and to those that visit my website, to include Cancer, Cancer Research, and Cancer Awareness.

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